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The Moments That Shape a Life Time

Posted on Mar 30, 2020 in Editorial.

Putting the current situation in perspective by revisiting milestone moments

As our world experiences an unprecedented medical event, many of us are focusing on the negative, even obsessing over the things we cannot control. But we invite you to take a step back and think of all of the moments in recent history that we thought would never end, which would ultimately change our lives forever.

Take a look at some of these moments that have shaped lifetimes and family histories.

Right now, you may not see it. But years from now, when the children of today are in college, and we ask them, “What do you remember?” you won’t be surprised to find out they remember fear and uncertainty. But, they’ll also remember a time when the family was together. When families looked out for one another. When life slowed down, even though it had no choice.

This will be one of those moments in history which shape a life story. Be on the positive side of history with this. Give your family memories they can hold on to, grow from. Let fear be only a minor part of their history.

Remind your family today, that this too will pass. And it will change your life story. One day, you’ll want to remember these moments.

We’re here to help you write them down and to preserve those memories and stories for future generations.
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