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Writing my Life Story…

How it Works

At LifeBook, we understand just how meaningful it is to commit your life story to print. By providing best practices, expert attention to detail, and a finished book like no other. We make the experience enjoyable, predictable and straightforward.

It couldn’t be easier for you. It’s a labour of love for us.

How It Works


Welcome Pack

Once you’ve started the LifeBook journey, we’ll send your LifeBook journal and a welcome letter from our founder, Roy Moëd. The journal introduces you to the entire LifeBook experience and reflects the look and feel of your finished book. It’s also an ideal space to jot down memories and ideas before and during the interview stage.


Project Manager Introduction

A few days after your Welcome Pack arrives, Your project manager will call to introduce themselves. As your primary point of contact, they ensure the project is well organized, runs smoothly, and the creation of your memoir is the experience of a lifetime.


Interviewer Introduction

Within 4-6 weeks, an interviewer will be assigned to your project. Your project manager will provide contact information to both parties to schedule the first interview. Our interviewers are cultured, good listeners, personable, patient, open-minded, and skillfully trained.


Interviewing Schedule

The interviews are in-depth conversations covering critical moments and stories of your life. However, some sessions serve other purposes, including project setup (interview 1), reviews of the book’s ongoing development (interviews 3 & 9), and the final review, including the recording of your audio highlights.


Your Ghostwriter

We carefully select the interviewer, and we’re equally attentive in selecting a ghostwriter to bring your story to life. Our ghostwriters are trained to put themselves in another’s shoes, allowing them to capture your ‘voice’. To capture and convey the feelings associated with your stories, the interviewer records your interviews and shares them with your ghostwriter.


Your Editor

Your editor will ensure that spelling, names, and stories are clear and consistent. The editor will also flag any areas requiring additional clarity or revisions by the ghostwriter.


Your Audio Highlights

It’s one thing for friends and family to read your story, but we believe the ability to hear you read aloud some of your most treasured stories to be very special. That’s why every LifeBook project includes Audio Highlights as standard. We record 60-minutes of Audio Highlights during the final session, preserved on a LifeBook USB drive – alongside the carefully selected photos from your memoir. The Audio Highlights USB will be included and shipped with your completed books.



Once the proof is approved (text and photographs), your manuscript will be assigned to one of our in-house typesetters. Before printing, every book must surpass our rigorous aesthetic standards.



Before going to print, a fresh pair of eyes will look over your story. Their job is different from the editor’s, as they concentrate solely on ensuring the grammar and spelling are perfect and that there are no typesetting issues. When complete, you will receive a proof copy so you can evaluate the text layout, photographs, and captions. Once you are pleased with the look and content, your project will move into the exciting stage of printing.


Printers and Binders

We entrust the printing, stitching, and binding of your book to our London-based specialist. Your memoir is printed on archival grade paper, which is hand-stitched and section-sewn. They will then craft your custom cover with linen or leather (additional charge for leather), and the title is embossed in gold or silver to complete your memoir. Each handmade book is protected in a beautiful gift box and carefully packaged before shipping directly to you so that you can start enjoying, sharing, and treasuring them with loved ones.

If you would like to learn more about LifeBook, please visit our About Us Page

It’s time to tell your story. Find out how.

Your story. Told by you. Written by us.

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