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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions frequently asked by potential memoir or autobiography authors and those seeking to gift a project. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The project

How does a LifeTime Memoirs project work?

How long does it take to complete a project?

Can the author have a project over a different timeframe?

Both my parents want to write a memoir. Can they be interviewed together?

Who will be the point of contact?

Who comprises the project team?

Can a loved one be kept informed of the progress of interviews?

What happens if the author has concerns about the content or progress of the project?

What happens if the author doesn’t enjoy the process?

Can I cancel the contract in the middle of the process?

What happens if the author gets sick during the process?

How has your process been adapted to the Covid-19 situation?

The product

What does a completed autobiography or memoir look like?

Is there a minimum age requirement or an age limit?

Can the author get additional copies of their completed autobiography or reprints at a later date?

Can the author have more photos, pages, words, or interviews over what is included in the project?

The author has lots of thoughts and written material. How can these be included in their book?

The author has lots of photos, some of which are damaged and fragile. Can these be used?

Do you do autobiographies in different languages?

Can I see a completed LifeTime Memoir or Autobiography?

What are Audio Highlights?

The interviews

How long are the interviews?

How many meetings are there?

Who conducts the interviews?

Do you have an interviewer available in the author’s area?

How do you go about recruiting?

Can a family member be present during the interviews?

The writing

Who will be the ghostwriter?

What do you mean by “author’s voice”?

What if the author is not sure if they have remembered something correctly?

What is the best way to structure an autobiography: chronologically or by subject matter?

What if there are stories the author doesn’t want to include?

Does the author have to spellcheck the book?

What if the author doesn’t like the writing style?


Who owns the copyright?

Can the author sell their autobiography to clients and customers?

What guarantees do you offer?

What is Private Autobiography Service, Inc.’s policy on confidentiality?

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Ask Your Questions
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